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Jeremy Harroch

Capgemini Invent | Quantmetry

VP & Founder


A trained mathematician and statistician, who graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, X03 class, and from the New York University, Jérémy Harroch started his career in financial markets in Wall Street. Trained in trading funds such as Lehman Brothers and Knight Capital Group, he specialised, among other skills, in statistical arbitrage and high frequency algorithmics trading. He came back to France in 2010 to create Quantmetry, as he strongly believed that corporate statistical innovation in French companies represented a key challenge at the time and that it would still be the case today. Leader in data handling through datascience, Big Data and artificial intelligence for global corporates, Quantmetry lead 100+ digital transformation assignments for top tier French corporates. In 2022, Capgemini Invent acquired Quantmetry, where Jérémy Harroch is now a VP. He also is the President of the X-IA association. A leader of opinion in the French AI ecosystem, Jérémy Harroch wrote several articles in leading French newspapers, such as Le Monde, Les Échos or l'Opinion, to share his expert views on, among other topics, ethics and AI related education matters, generative AI, its deployment, and legislation.

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