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Pablo Ducru




Pablo Ducru is a Franco-Mexican scientist and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of Raive, an artificial intelligence (AI) company building frontier foundation models to power the world’s future multimedia content – images, film, sound, 3D engines. Raive’s models enable large-scale learning, distribution, and attribution of custom models, so that everyone can create and exchange their own AI models. This establishes an infrastructure upon which a market of AIs with IP attribution and AI royalties can emerge. Raive thus builds, hosts, distributes, and monetizes personalized AIs for people and IP holders to benefit from the AI revolution, while advancing the frontier of science, technology, and culture. Pablo is a world-expert in nuclear data and high-performance computations. He is a Lecturer at MIT, where he did his PhD in computational nuclear science and engineering. He worked at Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Labs, and developed new nuclear physics and statistical learning algorithms for high-performance-computing diffusion models. Pablo is also a Schwarzman Scholar from Tsinghua University. He conducted quantitative finance research for energy markets, and was advisor to the Minister of Economy of Mexico. In France, Pablo graduated from École Polytechnique (X-2011), where he served as an Officer in the Navy.

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