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Christian Allouche


CEO & Co-Founder


Christian Allouche is CEO and co-founder of Gleamer, one of the leading companies in AI for radiology. Gleamer develops a comprehensive AI copilot designed to enhance radiologists' speed and accuracy, directly addressing the pressing need for more efficient diagnostic processes. To date, Gleamer copilot has significantly impacted the field by processing over 20 million patient exams across 1200 clinical sites in 34 countries, demonstrating its extensive adoption and effectiveness. Under Christian's leadership, Gleamer has expanded its team to over 70 employees and secured $40M in funding. Before Gleamer, he started BrainVectis to tackle neurodegenerative diseases, a venture that was acquired by AskBio. He earned degrees from ESCP Europe in Management and Paris-Sud University in Neurosciences.

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