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Alexandre Momeni

General Catalyst



Alex Momeni is a partner at General Catalyst, a venture capital firm that partners with founders from seed through growth stages and beyond to build companies that withstand the test of time. At GC, Alex focuses on investments in enterprise healthcare companies in Europe and all over the world. He is based in London. Prior to joining GC, Alex was a head of product strategy and operations at Nabla. Previously, he was an analyst at Goldman Sachs and a visiting research fellow at Stanford University. Alex is on the board of, or actively involved with, the following GC companies: Aidoc, Doccla, Lottie, Hippocratic AI, Mistral and Neko Health. Alex graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a BS in Economics. He received a master’s degree in Management at HEC Paris and a master’s degree in Machine Learning at École Polytechnique.

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