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Chandra Khatri


Head of AI


As the founding Head of AI at Krutrim, Chandra Khatri is building the full AI stack for India, from chips to AI cloud to multilingual and multimodal foundation models for consumer and enterprise applications. Driven by India's linguistic diversity with over a billion voices, his mission is to bridge the gap between urban and grassroots communities through the development of multimodal and multilingual foundation models. His team recently built "Krutrim", the world's first India-centric multilingual LLM, which outperforms several state-of-the-art foundation models in the Indian context. Before Krutrim, he founded Got-It AI, a pioneer in conversational AI, developing cutting-edge automation products including the accurate Enterprise Language Model Architecture (ELMAR) and the first Hallucination Detection Platform (TruthChecker). He also spearheaded the creation of the world's first fully autonomous Conversational AI, significantly advancing virtual agent deployment. Before his tenure at Got-It AI, he established or led several AI teams at Amazon, Uber, and eBay, and created the Alexa Prize, the first voice-centric consumer-facing large-scale open-domain conversational system, akin to ChatGPT for Amazon Alexa users, built 5 years before ChatGPT emerged. In addition to developing products, he invests in or serves on the boards of cutting-edge technology companies such as ThirdAI and Optivolt.

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