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Dr. Charles Roberts

Ark Invest

Chief Investment Strategist


As Chief Investment Strategist, Charles is responsible for providing inputs into research and strategies on both public and private markets, with a particular focus on AI and multiomics. In addition, Charles plays a key role in the strategy and execution of ARK’s venture capital efforts. Charles joined ARK in 2023. Prior to ARK, Charles’s background is as a deep tech entrepreneur with a focus on AI for social benefit, primarily in healthcare. He has been a cofounding executive at several companies including Freenome, a Bay Area-based company of ~500 people working on saving lives through earlier cancer detection. Freenome currently is completing one of the world’s largest ever clinical registrational studies in ~42,000 subjects, having raised $1.1B from leading investors including Roche, Novartis, Fidelity, Janus Henderson, and VCs including a16z, GV, and DCVC. Charles also cofounded other tech-bio companies including (as Chairperson) Relation Therapeutics Inc., also backed by DCVC and other leading VCs, with whom Relation completed a $25M Seed in 2022; and biotech companies Agalimmune (acquired by Nasdaq-listed biotech), Centauri Therapeutics, backed by Novo and Boerhinger Ingelheim, which he originally cofounded with the Nobel Laureate inventor of PCR. Charles also co-founded a non-invasive prenatal testing company that brought the first CE-marked NIPT test using next-generation sequencing to market. He has served as an advisor to OSE, Oxford University’s ~$1B spin-out fund, and runs a venture-creation family office. Charles holds four degree-level qualifications, having graduated with degrees in Psychology (BSc., University College London, 2001), in Medicine (University of Dundee, 2002), MRCS ((Ed), 2006), and Masters (MSc., University of Oxford, 2014).

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