R.AI.SE Summit


Rodrigo Liang

SambaNova Systems

CEO & Co-Founder


Rodrigo Liang is the CEO and co-founder of SambaNova Systems. He is a business and engineering leader who recognized the fundamental shift that AI will have on the world. He and his co-founders designed a new full-stack hardware and software platform optimized for AI workflows and set the company on a mission to enable the future of AI today. Prior to founding SambaNova, Rodrigo was the senior vice president responsible for SPARC Processor and ASIC development at Oracle. During his tenure at Oracle, he led one of the industry’s largest engineering organizations in developing high-performance microprocessors and releasing 12 major SPARC processors and ASICs for enterprise servers. SPARC processor performance achieved numerous world records, and it continues to be a performance leader for enterprise applications. Before joining Oracle via the Sun acquisition in 2010, Rodrigo was vice-president at Sun Microsystems where he worked on the development of the world’s first multi-core processors, code-named Niagara. Rodrigo holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

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